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Depo-Provera Negative Side Effects (20 lbs weight gain in 3 months)

I got my first depo shot in April of 2018, and I always felt as if I was putting on some weight. When I finally weighed myself again for my second shot, I weighed almost 160 lbs! I'm 5'3 and before I went on this birth control I weighed about 145lbs. Now, I weigh about 164, and gaining all this weight in such a short amount of time resulted in me getting stretch marks on my sides. I have never weighed this much in my life and experiencing it now has me feeling more and more depressed. It seems like I can't stop gaining and I don't know how to stop it. I've started to work out again and I haven't changed my eating habits since before I received the shot, but maybe I should. I have experienced so many negative side effects (headaches, mood swings, depression, fatigue, bloating, decreased sex drive), which is why I might go back to using the pill. The weight gain is one of my biggest problems and insecurities as of right now. Trying to get ready in the mornings and having my pants not fit me anymore is extremely discouraging. I just want to know if its even possible to lose weight while on the depo with workouts and good diet?
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I'm not a doctor, and this knowledge is more what I have seen and heard from other women who have been on the depo shot- some women are very happy on it, others struggle with weight gain along with the other issues you have mentioned while on it.  The only thing that assisted them was getting off the depo shot.  It's best if you call your doctor and let them know of the side effects you are seeing- talk it over with them, but I personally would lean towards just going off of it.  
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