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Depo Provera: When Will I stop Bleeding??!

I'm 16,  I have only took took shots of depo provera but didn't go on my 3rd shot which was April 29, 2014 because I have had  continuous bleeding ever since I first started the depo which was November 2013. It's been over 6month's of non-stop bleeding and it still has not stopped even through I am no longer on the Shots. My periods would be kind of heavy then light then turn brown, then start all over in that order but it has never gone off !! Also, I'm having mood swings, headaches, abnormal cramping at times and I just want all of this to stop . Is this normal? Has anybody else experienced this? Can somebody pleasee help me !!!
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you need to consult in your doctor asap
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The hormone change is normal. It's very common with the depo shot.
some women bleed none stop! Some don't have a period at all.
If you still haven't stopped bleeding I would look into a different birth control hun
Good luck
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I'm on depo, I have no periods.
My sister was on it for only the first 3 months. She bleed none stop
She changed to the ring.
(I think that is what it's called)
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Not normal for you to have such frequent on going cycles . You should change birth control.  You bleeding so much can lead to anemia. And bleeding non stop for 6 months can really take its toll on you. plz call your doctor.
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