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Depo Provera pregnancy?

Hi, my girlfriend lives overseas and she's on depo provera. She gets the shot once or twice a year only (not every 12 or 13 weeks). She has it injected one month in advance, every time before I travel overseas to visit her and have sex. I know depo provera meant to provide over 99% protection after 7 days, but we like to be extra cautious and wait a month before having sex. She had her last shot in September, and I visited her nearly a month later in October.

Now it's nearly December, and today she took a home pregnancy test which showed up with a positive result. Given that depo has such a high protection rate when used correctly, I'm wondering how likely she is to be pregnant? Would it make any difference if she doesn't get the injection every 12 weeks, but is always certain to have it one month prior to us having sex, without fail? Thank you.
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Hi there,
Depo vera is injected every 12 weeks while the contraceptive has the power to prevent conception up to 14 weeks, the injections are usually given every 12 weeks to ensure that there is no gap in the effectiveness of the birth control between shots. If such a schedule is maintained, pregnancy while on Depo-Provera is extremely rare. Since your girlfriend was not on taking it regularly there might have been a period when she had sex while not on depo.There can also be false positive pregnancy test. It is best to take up blood HCG test to confirm her pregnancy status. Hope it helped.
Best luck and regards!
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Thanks, doc. Just to clarify, there was no time where she had sex prior to having the depo injection. She only ever had sex one month afterwards.

However, she went to the doctor who performed a blood and urine test, which turned out to be negative. So, the test was false positive after all, like you mentioned. I have read that false positive tests are unlikely on depo, and that false negatives are much more common. But I guess this proves that it can occur.
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