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Depo Provera side effects

When I was 17 I started Depo and stayed on it for 2 years. I had no issues back then. Well jump ahead to 28 and I decided to go back on it. After 6 months I noticed slight weight gain and some bloating so I decided to stop. That was Oct. 2011 and now it is March 2012 and I have gained 15 pounds and I have constant bloating and uncomfortableness in my stomach. This is every day and has affected my life to the point where I am extremely depressed about it. I have had so many tests done and have even visited a gastroenterologist about my stomach weight gain to rule anything out. Well I am positive now that it is due to Depo. In January I started the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and was religious about it. I actually gained weight do to muscle but was so disappointed! I should have had a six pack and instead my stomach looked like I was 4 months pregnant. My boobs are so extremely tender all the time too. I've always had a wonderful metabolism and have always been active. I am 5'4" and since highschool my weight has always been a constant 110-115. Now I weight 130! All because of Depo. I hate hate hate this birth control. I have only gotten my period once and it lasted a few hours. I am so frustrated with my body and nothing I do works. Can't wait to get this out of my system. Has anyone else had the extreme bloating and uncomfortable stomach? I have about 4 rolls when I sit down and can't seem to tighten up the excess skin. Even after I drink water this happens. Hurts to suck my stomach in which is what I constantly have to do. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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I have been on the depo for 6 months, I gained 15 pounds as well (that was a plus for me) I was 120 lbs & now i’m 136 lbs. The 1st 3 month’s were not bad at all... My sex drive was high as hell, my periods stopped, & I was happy that I was gaining weight... HOWEVER, these last 3 months???? TRASH. I am stopping depo ASAP this was my last shot because my sex drive is completely gone. I am a college student and have been in a committed relationship for over a year. We went from having sex every other day to MAYBE once a month. Luckily, he is very understanding but this is taking a toll. I also have extreme discomfort, bloating and gas at night. It literally looks like i’m 4 months pregnant at night. My stomach gets so tight, that I was second guessing if I was pregnant. I have seen GI doctors and they said I do not have IBS, they aren’t sure what’s causing my discomfort and to change my diet. At that point, I knew it was the Depo. I told my gynecologist and it annoyed me that she immediately ruled out that it was the depo. Im like SIS I know my body very well. I have NEVER had any of these problems. I have always eaten a lot and I love to eat and cook a good meal... The only factor that has changed was me starting the depo. I still haven’t found a solution to my problems but hopefully my story can help someone else. Gas X temporarily helps with the discomfort but it’s annoying because I can still feel the fullness and gas but it takes away the pain associated with it. I just believe i’m too young to be experiencing these problems and obviously the depo has done A LOT to my body. I wish my gyno would have explained ALL of the potential risks. I did my own research prior but I could’ve never imagined my body would react like this.
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