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Depo Provera

I've been on Depo Provera for almost a year but i've decided to not get my next shot in two weeks i'm not wanting to get pregnant anytime soon but I'm wondering how long will it take for the Hormones to leave my body and what kind of side effects should I expect?
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It takes awhile to get back to normal, but be prepared and use protection as your fertility could return quickly. Most women don't get a period for another 6-9 months after stopping depo. You can be fertile any time before that though it isn't likely. My obgyn told me to stop 18 months before I wanted to get pregnant because it can take a long time. Other side effects vary, I had headaches and mild cramping, when my periods began they were very light and a lot of brownish color blood. I also felt achy when I happened to workout really hard and when I lost weight, I guess depo is stored in fat cells, so losing weight released what depo i had stored up. On the upside I stopped having nightmares and feeling too warm at night.  Good luck!
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it take a good 3 months i was on it for almost 3 years it took me 7 months to get pregnant so .
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Hi I have been on depo for over two years. I have only just felt side effects as, little cramps in my stomach, sore back,legs,  going to the toilet more often, feeling tired during the day & feeling hungry. I have had two pregnancy tests, one from shop and a blood test both come up negative.
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Can you have cramps in your stomach before you have the deposit again
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