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Fluconazole 150 mg and the pill

I was prescribed fluconazole 150 mg for a yeast infection (2 pills). Took the first one a week a ago and the second three days later (4 days ago). Will this have any affect on the effectiveness of hormonal birth control (the pill) ?
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It can decrease the efficacy of hormonal contraceptives like birth control pills. What pill are you on specifically? I'm going to GUESS (don't take this as what to do) you'll need to use backup protection for 7 days. Check your prescription info, call your pharmacist, or I can help you find out if I know what pill it is. Personally, I used both condoms and either VCF or Today sponges in situations such as yours before I had my tubal sterilization. I have a severe latex allergy (I go into anaphylactic shock) and the first non-latex condoms that weren't lambskin were like little condom shaped plastic baggies, lol. 9/10 times they broke. I have condom trust issues because of them. (They're improved so much now.)

Generally, you should wait a minimum of 72 hours after your LAST dose. Personally, I would wait a week and that's what I've been told when I've been prescribed it. If your yeast infection isn't completely cleared, you can pass it to your partner (assuming you have one since you're wondering about BCP efficacy) and then it becomes back and forth sharing, you keep getting it over and over until dots are connected to treat your partner.

Hope that was some help! :)
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