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Freaked out!!!! plz help me

Me and my girl friend had intercourse 2 times with an interval of 40 minutes, i used condoms both of the time, first time she was on the top of me. i always pull out before ejaculation but i got carried away and ejaculated inside her. i was literally freaked out at that time bcuz i never happened to me before, when i was still inside her, i reached i penis and it was all creamy and stuff, i thought the condom had ripped, but i told her immediately to go wash up, i checked the condom by filling it with water, there were no holes in it, even tinniest ones cuz there was no leakage, it was a relief, i did not wash my hands and not sure if the semen attached to my hands, after that we again did it in missionary position with another condom. this time i pulled out, there were 17 days remaining in her period, after that she slept for 6 hours and woke up with sore breast and fever, i thought i was just because of the roughness of sex, but now it has been four days and the soreness is still present, its not at the nipples but at the back of both breasts, it only hurts when she touches them, 94 hours have passed, she has taken 1.5 mg of ECP levonorgestrel in form of two tablets. will take second dose 0.75 mg after 12 hours. please help me out here, is she pregnant, is it something else, i feel like i m dying of the tension.
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Actually, what you probably saw was cervical mucus. It sometimes can appear whiter than the lubrication that is experienced during arousal.

Also, condoms are formed by crossing the material fibers over one another like a latice-work. If is had failed, there would most likely be a noticeable rip rather than a fine point hope. Her medication should stop any potential pregnancy but it (along with stress) could change her period start date.

Just for the reassurance, take a pregnancy on her predicted menstrual date. I would expect it to be negative, but it will still help you stop worrying.
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thanks anything 102 for the reply, she has taken her second dosage of ECP, I just want to know that is there is tinniest posssiblity that semen attached to hand got onto the condom when i was putting it on and i could have done something ( i am so freaked out that dont want to call it).

Also , why the breast are tender and sore even after four days,

she also told me that she had abdominal cramps and pain for a while after 24 hours.

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The ECP was taken after 94 hours of the intercourse

The abdominal cramps stopped after a while, nothing of sort till now
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ECPs are not effective but for the first 48 hours for sure (75% say it is effective 72 hours after unprotected sex). But if this case, your semen probably never even reached her, so even though your ECP was probably for not, you may not have needed it in the first place. Her abdominal cramping and other symptoms are probably related to her ECP dose.

Also... if you would like to be further assured, check to see if your condoms contained nonoxynl 9 spermicide. Many lubricated condoms come with this spermicide.

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