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From Yasmin to Marvelon 28 - now very late period

I was on Yasmin for about 6 years - no problems very happy with and I stupidly got worried about the hype going on with the deep vein thrombosis that Yaz and Yasmin have been known for. So i went to the doctor as we are going travelling in a few months and i didnt want to have problems whilst overseas. So she put me on Marvelon 28. The first 2 months were ok  but my period was very light on month 2 and then my skin became horrible with big sore pimples that i never get - as well as horrible mood swings where i literally wanted to strangle someone i was so irritable. So now month 3 and day 6 into my inactive tablets - no period... I am a panic mechanic so have been researching high and low - seems many people have these problems on Marvelon 28. I am religious with taking the pill - sometimes an hour or 2 late but never miss any. I haven't had any pre period symptons like cramps or back ache etc, no sore boobs. Surely a very low chance of pregnancy??
I am switching back to Yasmin for my next pack so hopefully it all goes back to normal..

Has anyone else had things like this happen? I am only worried because I have never missed a period before with Yasmin, some are lighter than others but I always get some bleeding.
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There are, actually, a number of brands that have the added benefit of stopping a woman's period. It's very common and not anything to get upset about. I guess you must be one of those who actually likes her period unlike many of us who really hate it and would prefer not to have it. Anyway, it's not considered a problem in the medical community, instead it's considered a benefit. But since apparently you actually want a period then you should switch to a brand that doesn't have the benefit of stopping the cycle.

It's not a real period that you get when your on the pill, so whether or not you have a period is irrelevant as far as pregnancy goes. When you're not pregnant, missing a period due to pregnancy generally expected. But while being on the pill, missing your period is a general benefit of birth control pills that has nothing to do with pregnancy. So it's kind of false hope in that regard. But if you really want to have a period for some odd reason then switch pill brands. There are so many out there that I'm sure you'll be able to find one that makes you bleed if that's what you really want.
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