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IUD users... comfortable? uncomfortable? Period Changes?

I am considering getting an IUD. My mom said she hated hers, that she could feel it and that it seemed to poke her, and also made her periods VERY heavy! (this was before I was born though... times have changed, as have things in the medical field).

Do any of you women who have an IUD have any comments about them? Do you recommend them or would you go another route for BC?

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Your right, times have changes since your mom has had them.   For a long time they had the copper IUD.  Which had a lot of discomfort and heavier bleeding.  I have the mirena IUD and have had it for about a year now and I LOVE it.  I or my partner can't feel it.  To me it is very comfortable.  But as well it isn't for everyone.  Most womans bodies reject it.  But if this is something you are interested in I would highly recommend it.  Read up on it of course cause there are side effects as well just like all BC.  

For me I have only had one period since I got it which was a month after, I get very little cramping, when Ifirst got it it took some time getting used to maybe a couple weeks.  But nothing that tylenol couldn't help with.  

I have no complaints about it.  I would still speak with your Dr about it cause most Drs want to give it to people who have had kids only because your cervix has been stretched before so it fits in easier.  

My sister and my friend both their bodies rejected it and neither of them have kids.  So as I mentioned before read up on the side effects but other wise I highly recommend it.  
Good Luck  
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I am 24 years old and have had the Paragard IUD for about 2 and half years and do NOT recommend it. I thought it would be good because its non-hormonal and can stay in for up to 12 years (super cheap, right?) I never had problems with terrible cramping or heavy periods before the IUD, and I have also never had a child. The Paragard IUD makes cramps HORRENDOUS. Yes, you can't really feel it and you don't have to do anything with it but it really increases the length and severity of my cramps. Its different from the Mirena, which will decrease your flow/stop your period and pain overtime because of the hormones. Best of luck with your decision.
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I had the iud for about &months then my body rejected it...my personal experiance was bad! but like the other girl commented it works for some and just doesnt for iothers. I have many friends who have no complications what so ever...lucky them! but go for try it just know the risks, symtoms , and possible complications.
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dont do it 0.0
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I have had the IUD for almost five years today, it came out for some odd reason, not sure why; But in that five years i had no period and it was great; for who ever can help me, Should I call a doctor only if i wanted it replace. It came out very easy and i didnt want it too but hey i guess its time to try for another baby actually Good luck i would recommend the IUD but read up on the effects
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I have had the paragard IUD for approximately 2 months now.  I couldn't take any other kind of birth control because changes in hormone levels make my migraines horrible!  So the paragard is a non-hormonal option.  I'm 25 with no children.  The insertion was painful, but with some ibuprofen you'll live.  My doctor actually had a great explanation that most women getting paragard are switching from a different birth control and aren't used to regular periods.  So the cramping and bleeding with paragard isn't anything much more then a regular period but for women not used to that it seems like a lot.  Made sense to me! I have had some spotting but nothing a panty liner couldn't fix and now on my first full period, it is heavier with clots.  Maybe the size of a quarter or smaller and I probably have gone through maybe 4 regular tampons a day or 3-5 pads (I don't like feeling wet at all).  I believe that clots are just because of the mucus layer that the paragard makes (that's how it prevents pregnancy).  And clots should be expected if your period is heavier, they're caused by you bleeding faster.  I looked that up on webmd, they are completely normal.  Every menstrual cycle can be different depending on lots of things like diet, amount of water intake, weather changes (our bodies are hotter in the summer), stress levels etc...  
Sex has been a little bit tricky since I worry about the IUD getting hit (which is silly)  but you do have to give it some time before any rough sex because it needs to settle in.  Also my husband says there is a lube like film on his member afterwards.  
But overall I like it a lot!  
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