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Is excessive bleeding on IUD and birth control pill normal?

I have never had a problem with birth control until recently. After several years of no contraception, I got mirena in october. I had it out in june due to continuous spotting then several weeks of heavy bleeding off and on. I went on ortho tri cyclen lo generic the same day mirena was removed.
Since starting the pill i've had the first week fine, spotting the second week and heavy bleeding the third, then the "period" week. I'm on the third pack now, 2 days in the bleeding has finally stopped again.
Is this normal, or at least ok? I feel like i've been bleeding forever, at times it's extremely heavy and it's unnerving and frustrating.
I worry I'll be messed up for a long time but I need birth control.
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Bleeding in between periods can happen as you adjust to a new birth control, but to me, this sounds like a bigger issue then that- since you are on the third pack and you had the same issue with another hormonal birth control option.  Have you called your doctor to let them know the abnormal bleeding is still going on?  

There are other non-hormonal options or light hormone options that you and your doctor could discuss trying instead- to see if that helps.  
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