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Is it possible I’m pregnant?

I take Junel fe 1/20 birth control pill at pretty much the same time every day. I have been having lots of sex without any other protection. I have also been on 3 different antibiotics in the past month which I’m not sure if they affect the pill or not. I am suppose to start my period in a few days but I have been having lower cramping at night, breast tenderness and nausea up to a week & 1/2 before my period which is not normal for me. Certain smells have been bothering me & I am also prone to ovarian cysts. Could I be pregnant? My periods have been normal if not heavier from taking the pill
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There is some interaction with antibiotics that I've read about but how often that happens is debatable.  Here is a list of medications: https://www.webmd.com/sex/birth-control/medicines-interfere-birth-control-pills#1  and this article gives a long list by name. https://pregnancy.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Antibiotics_and_Birth_Control.  I guess that I'd use condoms as back up when on antibiotics if on the pill.  It's been a week or so, did your period come as it was supposed to?
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