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Junel birth control

I'm 17 years old and have been on Junel for about 5 months now. I missed my period last month and I'm in the middle of the week of when I'm supposed to now. Is this normal? My doctor only gave it to me because I had very long, heavy periods. I've never had sex (though I came close to it back in late December).

I also take Boiron gelsemium sempervirens to help with my anxiety problems.

P.S. I recently took a drug test and it almost came up positive for marijuana. I haven't ever smoked! What would cause this to happen?
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You should talk to your doctor about the missed periods.  Depending on your definition of almost having sex, it could be pregnancy, although it's really, really unlikely.  If you got sperm in your vagina, it's *technically* a possibility, but your doctor can give you better information about causes that aren't pregnancy.  I think a lot of pills say to take a pregnancy test if you miss two periods.

Don't waste your money on homeopathic remedies.  There is no good evidence that they work at more than a placebo level.  The principle is that you take something that causes the same symptoms, and dilute it a gazillion times, the more dilute the better.  In liquid preparations, this means that you are basically getting water.  And gelsemium sempervierens is toxic--every part of the plant.  If you need anxiety treatment, talk to a doctor about getting meds and/or therapy for it.

As for drug tests, they're not 100% accurate, and false positives are possible.  What do you mean by "almost positive"?  If it was still negative, you shouldn't have to worry.  If you spend a large amount of time near people smoking marijuana it might do it, but it's probably just noise in the data.
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Its possible that the medication is causing the drug test to come up that way
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Well I got my period the first time afterwards, but now the past two months I've missed it. (And if we're going to get technical, his penis never went inside, but touched and rubbed.)

So are you saying they are doing more harm than good? Is there any homeopathic remedies that work? I am in the middle of therapy, but my therapist has canceled on me numerous times (I'm supposed to see her once a week) because her mother was dying of cancer.

The drug test I took would have a line slowly appear if you were positive. When I took it, the line was very faint but it was there.
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You should check with your doctor just to be safe.  Hopefully it's nothing.

Homeopathic remedies are like taking water.  For a colorful illustration of this, google James Randi homeopathy TED talk.  The homeopathic parts are a couple minutes in (it's worth watching the first couple minutes, because it's funny and a good introduction to him), and you can skip to 11:35 to get to the next part if you don't want to watch the whole thing.  The wikipedia article says, "Taken together, these trials showed at best no effect beyond placebo, at worst that homeopathy could be actively harmful".  You can read through the cited studies if you feel like it, but it's a pretty accurate summary.  

Home drug tests are pretty accurate, but still have a somewhat high false positive rate.  And lab tests can be wrong too.  According to a couple of websites, including one from the Keck Hospital of USC (Drug tests: Don't fall victim to a false positive), eating hemp products (like hemp oil) that show up in some health foods, or taking ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) can cause false positives.  Why did you take a drug test in the first place?  Parents?  Job?  A more sophisticated test on repeat will almost certainly show you as negative for marijuana.
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