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Lingering Sexual Anxiety BC/Condom/Amoxicillin

After having intercourse with my girlfriend, as always I run water in the condom just to check it, it's been a habit since I started doing it so I just continue to do it now. She's been on birth control for over a year, but we still use a condom as a second method of backup.

I've been reading a lot of things but have yet to come to a definitive answer as to why there was a tiny pinhole in the condom after filling with water. Water would squirt out of it when I squeezed the filled condom tightly.

Few details. I didn't take the condom off right away(no I was not still inside after finishing) as soon as I felt I was ejaculating I pulled out as it's just what's comfortable for us. Then proceeded to lay down for a few minutes before taking the condom off. I did "play around" with the condom after with the water in it, not sure if that contributed to it. The hole was a little down from the shaft, so sort of close to the base. I assume if it was during sex it would have broke?

My girlfriend was having pain in her gums, and was prescribed Amoxicillin 500mg. I've been anxiously searching about Birth Control and Amoxicillin, but have seen many responses and studies that show it has little to no effect, with the BC. She has been on Birth Control for over a year, and has switched a few times, and just recently about two weeks ago switched to Seasonale. We had protected sex on the last day she was taking her Amoxicillin. As said, as soon as I felt myself ejaculating I pulled out(was using a condom).

We had sex a week ago, and this morning she complained about her stomach hurting, and feeling gassy but said that she had eaten a hot dog the night that didn't sit well with her stomach.

I'm an anxiety ridden person, and I know everything is fine, and I'm over reacting most likely, but I like to be safe, and it makes me feel better to hear what someone else has to say.

Sorry for such a long post. Any input would be extremely relieving
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Your using birth control condoms and pulling out I'm sure you are ok. That is just about as safe as you can be becides not having intercourse. Also women are usually 4-8 weeks pregnant before they have any sign of pregnancy and becides missing a period it would be hard to tell any other way. Hope thIs helps I'm a mommy of three :)
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When my gums started being tender and sire.  It was my first sign of pregnancy before I had a positive test result.
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