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Might be pregnant ?

I'm 16. I had intercourse on November 1. No condom for the first half. About a week later, I felt like I had blood coming out. Went to the girls room and I used it. I wiped and there was pale blood. None on my underwear. So I put a pad on. 3 days passed and just a little spot was on the pad. (Dime size) I thought nothing of it. The week went by and something just wasn't right. My body didn't feel normal. Unusual hunger, cravings, nipple peelings, sore breast, fatigue, tired all the time, cramping, lower back pain where back dimples are, gas all the time (bloating, farting, and burps) pain in hips and legs, finger nails have grown so fast. I've taken atleast 10 pregnancy tests. All negative. The symptoms come and go. I started to question my pregnancy when my period came about 4 days ago. (Today is December 8) I had hardly any cramps and hardly any cloths. If any, very VERY small. But, 2 days I had 2 cramps that felt horrible. Not sure if they were cramps or what. Shot pain in my hips and my right leg (same places hip and leg pain occurred.) what do you guy think? I'm scared. Partner and I really want this. Some people say I could've thought myself into this? I don't believe that.
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Hi, I don't think your pregnant. When you have sex for the first time, you do bleed because its something to do with a thing that sheds away when you lose your virginity (sorry I'm not very sciency). Sex for the first time can also have emotional impacts on your body, it can be tiring and it can affect your body. If your period has come thats a sign your definitely not pregnant and if you've took tests that are negative then you're not. Next time, use protection because this can reduce the risk of pregnancy and protect you from stds:)
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Get a blood test done if you think you are pregnant because some women do still have periods while pregnant. Sore boobs are always tell tale signs for me when I am preggo. But everyone is different and definitely use protection. Give yourself the best chance at having a good life first, go to school, travel, meet other people (men), before considering starting a family. Because once a baby comes it should be number 1 in your life. Good luck to you!!
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This isn't my first time having sex. Neither of us have STDS.
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