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Mirena as a final BC option

Well first I'll post some information about myself, as I'm sure at least some if not all is relevant.

Age: 23
Children: None
Weight: 220lb
Periods/Cramping: Irregular (monthly, but different times every time) and regular to heavy/Minimal, if any
Previously Tried BC/Age/Negative Side Effects-
Pill/22/Brown Discharge, sometimes mixed with blood ALL month, lack of sex drive, anxiety.
Ring/22/Uncomfortable and it fell out a LOT (sometimes not even during sex), awkward during sex, not on it long enough to find out anything else.
Patch/17/Never stayed in place or on all together, only able to put on arms due to weight and even still they slid around on top of being embarrassing (often got asked if they were smoking patches).
Shot/17-18/Weight gain (30lb very quickly!), mood swings if I remember correctly.

That aside, I am interested in the Mirena IUD. I've been told that it decreases your period, and seeing as my periods are kinda all over the place anyway that's what really caught my attention. I have also been told many women reject it, and it can be VERY painful to insert and then some anywhere between a day to a month or more. I'm expecting the insertion pain, however the after pain/heavy bleeding scares the crap outta me. I've heard some people are fine, and some can hardly move (I only look at experiences with people who haven't had children, I know this is a large factor). I'm also very worried about weight gain as I'm already a big girl as it is. I know the shot is a high dose and that's what causes weight gain, however because I gained 30lb on it I'm still a little worried none the less. So given my age/weight/other information, can anyone give me any information/things I have a better chance of expecting? Personal stories are also highly appreciated.
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*22 years of age, I'm sure it doesn't really matter but there's no edit button to fix the typo. 23 In August anyway.
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