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Is it common for the Mirena to come out on it's own?  Mine did a couple of days ago and now I am bleeding profusely and passing clots.  Is this normal after it coming out?
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Its NOT NORMAL AT ALL for it to come out on its own.IT SHOULDNT.As for bleeding I dnt know(I assume u would bleed).I have it myself(4+1/2yrs)was going2post asking others twhat they use but saw this&needed2comment asap.U need2call ur obgyn NOW or the e.r. explain it came out,tell thwm about the clotting etc.I am VERY worried4u.I say that because of where the mirena is put n.Its not supposed2b ABLE2just slide out.U could b fine but u could be wasting valuable time by NOT getting medical attenrion right now.This could have hurt,torn or done some sort of damage2ur reproductive system.A riak thats come out as a HUGE problem lately is women becoming infertile from it moving up.Im worried because u have no clue WHY it came out(how it basically dropped on the sides where its hooked in.U could get an infection easily.GO TO THE DOCTOR/HOSPITAL.DONT WAIT
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It should not come out on its own, and your bleeding could be dangerous if you say its as much as THAT.  Go to the doctor or ER immediately, and let us know how you do.  Blessings - Blu
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Wow, I wasn't really worried until reading your posts.  I think I better go ahead and call and make an appt I suppose.  I am in no pain whatsoever and didn't even actually know it was trying to come out.  It just came out.  Didn't even feel it.  
Thank you guys for your comments.
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mine came out, wasnt put in properly the signs that you are bleeding could be a misscarriage from it not being put in correctly. i got pregnant on my mirena. doctors visit is def good advice
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