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Morning after pill

I have taken the morning after pill 4 times within one month, about 4 days between each. I would like to know how much this would of offset my period?

My last period was 6th June lasting about 5 days. I know the M.A.P can delay a period, but because I have taken so much how much will it delay it by?
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That's really unhealthy. The morning after pill is not meant to be used for contraception. It's an excessively high dose of the birth control pill and taking it so many times in such a short amount of time can lead to very dangerous side effects like DVT's which are blood clots that can form in your legs or lungs and if they dislodge can cause a stroke. It's very serious and possibly fatal. I very strongly caution you to never do this again.

As for when you'll get a normal period again it's impossible to say. You're just going to have to wait and see. You need to make an appointment with your obgyn to talk about contraceptive options because what you're doing is too dangerous.
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