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HELP ME PLEASE!! im so worried that i might be pregnant so here's the story i was a virgin till 3 months ago and was so scared at the time so i took emergency contraceptio, the combination of 4 nordette [ills 2 doses 12hrs apart, ive always had my period 3 days after taking the regimen, ive done that maybe 5 or more to\imes now with my bf wearing a condom and all and always after 3 days of the regimen my period came.

WHAT IM WORRIED ABOUT is that last monday i took the regimen twice because i was extra paranoid because i realized i was fertile the day we did it, again mt bf was wearing a condom and i immediately took the ECP after, i did the regimen twice

i was expecting my period to come friday or saturaday because it always comes after 3 days but now it still hasnt come!!! my next pewriod is due may 10 but I AM SO SCARED AND HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO..... could i be pregnant??? help me please i think im gonna go crazy thinkin about this 24/7... what steps can i do???
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you have taken the ec pill after the first time...then you said "ive done that maybe 5 or more times?"

so you have taken ec pill at least 6 times? and your boyfriend now wears condoms?

your ODING on ECPs

imp you are not ready to have sex. your worried only about last monday when you were taking your ecps (as a form of birth control which your not supposed to do) and your boyfriend was wearing a condom

your messing with your body you have used ecp AT LEAST 6 times in the past 3 months

you do understand it is not a form of birth control and can be damaging when used as such or used in excess like you have been doing. they are a great deal of hormones.

if your boyfriend is using a condom...and is on correctly and does not break...THERE IS NO NEED FOR ECP

you should really not be having sex and if you want to.....educate yourself on sex and contraception. your doing damage to your body but using ecp every time you have sex with condoms.

your not pregnant. you have been using condoms. you havent mentioned them tearing so you would not be geting pregnant but if you want to be sure....STOP USING ECP as a form of birth control and actually GET ON BC


good luck
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i keep on obsessing that there might have been spillage from the condom... is that possible even if there is no tear on the condom?

how will i know if the condom tore?? i didnt see any tears though....
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He'll know if theres breakage.  
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you should be checking also if the condom breaks!! plus that is dangerous to use those ecp as bc that can f** up other organs in your body even stop you from concieving ! thats why it is and emergency use! next dont have sex for atleast a week or 2 and take a prego test so you dont freak out or better yet go to the er they can do a blood test and check and see if you are prego earlier then any blood test .....i( i got in an car accident found out in the er i was 2 1/2 weeks) krazy i know but i would do that if you really need to know asap dont stress yourself because stress can delay your normal period and make it late....talk to your boyfreind figure out you plan,(if you are or if you aint) bc this should have been done before you have responsible sex! if your not ready then dont do it...if you are then protect yourself dont just let him.... there are female condoms and spermicides and all sorts of things a female can use to protect herself..but that ecp everytime is bad business!
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Sounds like you need to go get on a regular form of birth control and use condoms to prevent STDs.  If you think you might be pregnant go buy a pregnancy test at the drug store.
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