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I recently got married and me and my husband decided to have the mirena removed because we want to start a family.. I had the mirena for 3years after my daughter was born.. We had it removed the 10/27/15... No spotting that day or sense. I didn't bleed the whole three years it was in so I expected it quickly. still no bleeding or spotting.. So i thought..Could I be pregnant? I took a pregnancy test in December negative.. Now its February still nothing.. Should i take another test.. I was told was that I couldn't start trying for a baby until my period started.. No period.. no baby...right? Can I still get pregnant?? My husband and I worry that it made me infertile or something, we have had sex almost every night sense the removal trying anyway.. Its been 3monthes sense the removal..   Any advice Will be appreciated..
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You'll need to give it some more  time for your body to readjust after having mirena removed. You're so lucky that you had no bleeding the whole time you had it. Women who have no period on mirena take longer to go back to a regular cycle after having it removed. You're not infertile, you're just having the typical after effects of removing the mirena.

If it gets to be May, June and you still don't have a period then go see your obgyn for further checking.
Mirena Destroyed MY life
     I had my daughter in 2012, had the mirena inplanted 6weeks later... I hardly had periods for the first year.. Then my period stopped completely..
In 2015 I had the IUD removed, told i would start my period from that day to 2mos later... Ok.. So i WAIT... AND WAIT... AND WAIT... NOTHING AT ALL NO SPOTTING.. NOTHING...
I went back to my OB after 3 months.. I had a crap ton of blood work for me.. 2 WEEKS LATER i had a phone call To inform me that @ 26-years-old I have no estrogen and have went threw menopause.. Put me on progesterone to help me jump start my body to work give me a period.. Didn't work... Then was put on clomid.. Did not work...
It is now may 2017... Still fighting to get my first period after removing the mirena 2 years ago..

I want to have another child...
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Thanks so much... I've been worried to death and took a pregnancy test this morning... Not pregnant.. So we will just keep waiting and see what happens..
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Update.... Ive been to dr after drs on meds and nothing worked its been 2yrs sense the mirena was removed.. No bleeding or spotting what so ever.... Any other thoughts?? I dont know whats wrong with me...
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