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No period on Lutera

This is my first month on Lutera and I've been taking it faithfully. I started taking it the last day of my last period on a Sunday. I guess Sunday is like the holy grail of days to start the pill. lol I was off of birth control since March prior to starting this and I have had a normal period that whole time. I usually get it between Day28 and Day30. I started getting sharp pain in my right ovary (Day24) which lasted for 3 days. I started spotting shortly after getting the pain (Day25) which lasted for 4 days, but no period.
I'm also getting really bad headaches, sometimes migraine level, my acne is getting worse, and it feels like I have no sex drive (strange, I know). We've only had sex twice since I started taking Lutera because I had absolutely no urge to do it. One of those times was only 4 days after I started Lutera. Is there a possibility that we had sex too early and I ended up pregnant? The spotting, pain, and headaches are throwing me off because I get none of that when I normally get my period. I don't even get cramps.
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Hi there!

Combined birth control pill use may cause slight reduction in the blood flow during menstruation. Also it takes 1-2 weeks for the pills to take effect and pregnancy might be a possibility in your case. You could confirm/ rule out by running a home pregnancy test (urine based) about 3 weeks after the alleged intercourse. The headaches, acne and decreased sex drive could possibly be related to pill use as well. In the event of the side effects being unbearable, you may consult your gynaecologist for a possible alternative mode of contraception.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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Thank you very much!
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