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ParaGard and LARGE blood clots??? WARNING- not for the weak stomach

Ok, so I got my IUD (copper- hormone free) placed in 3 months ago. The first menstrual- hardly any cramping. Just the evening before. A relatively normal menstrual and lasted my normal 7 days. My second menstrual was a bit more cramping but still quite tolerable. Heavy bleeding but that was to be expected since that's how it was before I became a mom and wasn't ever on BC. I was just a heavy bleeder. This time it lasted for 10 days. I wrote off the amount of blood and length of time as it's just the IUD.

Today.... omg. Well... I cramped about two weeks ago and out of NOWHERE my uterus felt like it was a thousand lbs. I run and walk a total of 7 miles every evening and couldn't even run cuz my uterus felt just the way it did the day I had my son back in August, like it was still trying to get in place. So I cramped for a while. Then experienced swelling (I also have several kidney stones in both kidneys so I wrote off the swelling as I'm passing another stone). Then I felt like I got hit by a TRUCK! For a WEEK I could barely keep my eyes open for more than an hour at a time. I was just so beyond exhausted I could barely do ANYthing besides take care of my kids. I quit doing my workouts and evening run/walk beacuse I literally felt like someone just sucked the life right out of me. Then I get hit with being sick about a week ago... so I wrote off the exhaustion and so forth as my body just breaking down then fullblown cruds. But today.... I finally start my menstraul (almost 2 weeks late). I pass a large clot... I was like "that... is very strange. Maybe I miscarried, the egg did attach but just couldn't sustain...". Well, about 30 minutes later I just start passing clot after clot all between the size and shape of an egg to a golf ball and I bled HEAVILY and would soak right through a tampon in 5 minutes. I jump int he shower and tell my husband to go buy me the hospital pads cuz I thought I was just going to heavily bleed again. In the shower I passed more clots... and then I felt something go "bloomp" and then I hear it hit the tub bottom- it was a clot the size of a baseball. NOT even lying. I screamed and told my husband (hadn't gone to the store yet) to come look. After that I pass 3 more golf ball sized ones and one about tennis ball size. I passed a total of 9 of those golfball sized clots and 2 EXTREMELY large ones tonight. I called the ER and asked the RN what to do. He called the standby doctor who said to just wait til my appointment on Wed. unless the clots don't stop. Well, after that call was when I passed the second large one but since then they're smaller than golf balls but still big. So I decided to just wait since everything seems to simmer.

The wierdest part is I never felt faint. I never felt weak or anything as if I just lost all that but I swear on everything I own, my clots were that big and that many. I spent 4 hours tonight just constantly cleaning and running to the bathroom because I felt the clot about to come out. I bled right through tampons and super absorbant pads and I feel tired, but that's because I literally got 3 hours of sleep because my infant son has a bronchial infection. That's the only reason. No nausea. Nothing. The cramping was bad, yes, but surely not worth crying over or even moaning. I have a high pain tolerance, but still... I know this isn't normal. Has anyone else had this with their IUDs?

I just need to know someone can relate cuz It scared the everloving out of me earlier.
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Maybe you did miscarry? I never heard anybody passing clots that big before. Maybe you should get off the IUD and try regular bc pills. Did you ever go the doctor??
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the thing is I can't take anything with hormones in it. The NuvaRing sent me strait into the ER for chest spasms over and over again and all the other pills would make me vomit uncontrollably or bleed for more than 3 weeks strait or give me really bad jitters. So I really have to stay hormone-free.

I go in today for my pelvic exam to see if there are any cysts or tumors.
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i had the miren iud put in and before i found out it dislodged itself while on my period, i bled horribly, i would have to change my tampon every 10 minuets, and i was passing blood clots like crazy. i went to the ob/gyn today, and as soon as he seen me he said, i looked horrible and sad and exhausted. i told him i havent even been able to do anything other than give my daughter a bath, and put her to bed, because i felt so tired. when he done a pelvic exam, he said i was bleeding so bad that he wanted to take a cbc count, because i had lost so much blood in 3 days. but he still hasnt called me with the results. he said if my cbc is low that he is goin to send me to the ER right away to have a blood transfusion. All over, a Mirena IUD birth control. But now i am on the Paragard IUD, and so far my bleeding has began to slow down and i still have clots but not many and not as big as before. But i still have headachs and cramping.
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i too have had my experience with baseball sized blood clots. I was on the shot and about two weeks before it completely wore off i had the worse cramps of my life. so bad i went to the er. I garrived at the er and i had to wait a few mins then i felt like something was coming out of me!!! i ran with my legs pressed really close together. this is gross...but i sat down on the toilet and a baseball sized blood clot came out. I had no clue what it was. I knew i wasnt pregnat, i hadnt been sexually active in six months, and iwas only wearing a size three so if i was 6 months i would have been huge. so i ran out of the restroom told the doctor what happened they immediately gave me an ultrasound i wasn't pregnat. The best info they could give me was that the shot was too strong for me. It was my first time on the shot or any birth control. After that my doc put me on a low dose of avianne and i have been fine since.
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This is not normal!
if you are bleeding through a hospital pad in an hour you need to go the emerg strainght away, same goes if you have even one golf ball sized clot!
it means you are hemoraging ot miscarrying.
did you get that checked? what did they say?
also i found that evening primrose is fantastic for cramping (and i'm a very heavy cramper, especially after i got my iud) and and my doc recommends tha one  should be on iron supplements if you bleed longer than four days (heavily). you may find that your periord may even get shorter
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I am in my 8th month of pregnancy and have passed 2 golfball sized clots in the last two weeks.  Today I went to the hospital for monitoring and testing because I passed a clot the size of a tennis ball.  Extremely horrific let me tell ya.  I have placenta previa and this is my third child, I am 27 years old.  The dr didnt seem too worried about it and ended up sending me home on total bed rest.  The baby they said seemed absolutely fine and my blood count was normal.  Would like to know though what may be causing these clots and why I am still having them, especially sooooo big.  Not to be gross or anything but this clot literally looked like a kidney and felt like a raw piece of chicken in my hands.  I just don't understand.  
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