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ParaGuard (copper IUDs)

I have moderately heavy periods with cramping on a regular basis. I've used multiple types of BC pills but they always seem to give me recurrent yeast infections. I stop the pill and the yeast infections stop. When I restart the pills they occur over and over again. So that is why I'm looking in to a non-hormonal contraceptive (and not Mirena). I am very nervous though with my periods already being moderate and having cramping; I'm afraid that the cramping and flow will become almost unbearable. All the doctors and women's health professors I have spoken with do warn about these side effects. I'm looking for some opinions of those who have been on ParaGuard. Everyone's bodies are different and respond differently, but I'm looking for a general consensus.

Thank you!
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its calles the paragard iud (copper t) Its okay but it you can live with heavy and longer periods its fine i guess it works aganist pregnancy great. Insertion hurts like hell real close to labor. I should know i have two children also after insertion you will bleed for a good 2 weeks-1 month. But weigh your pros n cons. Also, if you dont have a baby its not to recommended because the iud can dislodge itself when a cervix has never been dilated before
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I've had Para Guard for a little over a month and I've already stopped bleeding and the insertion wasn't that painful. But if you are worried about the pain your doctor should be able to offer you some local anesthetic. as for your worry about the cramping and heavy flow, I would talk to your doctor more about some other hormone option. The Para Guard offers no hormones so your flow and cramping are natural, nothing to lessen it, which hormonal BC typically lessen flow, cramping and length.
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