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Paragard IUD allergic reactions?

Hi everyone,

I got a Paragard (Copper) IUD inserted about a month ago. Just about 2 days ago, I started to experience symptoms of contact dermatitis on my upper body (shoulders, chest, arms, face, neck). I was wondering if I was having an allergic reaction to the Copper IUD? I'm aware that there is Nickel and Copper in the device, and I'm not sure if I'm allergic to those metals or not. Hormonal forms of birth control are not ideal for me, so this is the best form of non-hormonal birth control I could use. Let's say this was an allergic reaction to the IUD, is there any way to cure the dermatitis without removing the IUD? I am desperate to make this work as this is the only form of birth control that works for me. In my opinion, I also do think that a month is a bit long to experience an allergic reaction from this device, so the IUD may not be the causal factor? I'm just confused because I haven't used anything else that would otherwise irritate my skin.

Thank you guys for your help
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I am wondering if you ever figured out your skin issue.. was it due to the paragard? I have had 4 paragards now (before and between the births of my kids) and haven’t had any issues until this time. I got my fourth one in 1 month ago and am having a bad reaction on my face. Lots of acne, very greasy, bigger pores, and feels flush. Can’t think of anything else I changed. Would love to hear what ended up happening with your situation.
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