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Period after 8 months on Mirena IUD

So I got my Mirena about 8 months ago in November. There were no problems, slight cramping here and there. Other than that no issues. I had NO bleeding what so ever aside from the bleeding after you get it put in. Two days ago I started getting that rusty brown looking discharge that some women experience after their period is over or when it is ending. Then, yesterday, The discharge turned into VERY light bleeding. So me and my boyfriend had sex that night. This morning I went to use the bathroom and I wiped and there was blood all over the toilet paper, I checked the bed and no blood. We did it again this morning and there was blood on him and when I peed after I saw blood again on the paper. Yet again, no blood on the bed. Is this normal, and if it is how long do you think it will last?
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It can go either way. Some women are really lucky and have no period for all 5 years. Others like me have the misfortune of still getting a period every 28 days. But at least it's a lot less bleeding than what it was without it. Some women get periodic bleeding/spotting from time to time.  The answer is that there is no "normal" because it varies from person to person on whether you get a period/spotting or not and the timing can be not at all or from time to time or all the time.
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Thank you so much i was worried something was wrong
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