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What option did you choose? I was going to tie my tubes this being our 4th and it being a c section anyways but with our 3rd he had breathing issues and almost did not make it. He was perfectly fine whole pregnancy but 2 hours after delivery he was losing oxygen and ended up in a medical coma for almost a month. I like to stay positive but me and the hubby talked and just in case we'd like to have another chance god forbid if anything was to happen.
So I've been looking into iuds specifically the Paragard and Essure something kinda long term..
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I am getting the Essure  procedure..this is my third baby and the pregnancy has been super hard! I'm 33 w 5d . My Dr said the Essure  procedure is actually more effective then getting your tubes tied
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and its permanent? I know the paragard lasts 12 yrs
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Yes it cannot be reversed
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That sounds good lol Ive heard they can be pretty painful ur gonna have to let me know
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I had an iud and it was the most awful idea i ever had. i gained SO much weight, even though i was dieting and exercising, and the stupid strings went missing so it shifted and embedded itself in my uterus so i had to have it surgically removed and it left scar tissue. i hated it. What is this essure thing? I was thinking of tying my tubes after my son is born but I'm honestly kind of scared.
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The essure is non hormonal so hoping weight gain wont happen.  They place 2 coil copper Springs in your tubes that scar tissue grows over and completely closes your tubes
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