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Pill, PMS, or Pregnancy

Hello! I was on birth control pills for the very first time last July. I was on YAZ (had no issues with it, nor was I using for PMDD) for about 6-7 months both for BC and to regulate my period. I have been very irregular since I had my very first period at 13.  

Then this December was my last pack because I was unable to afford it.  January through April my periods were still coming regularly even though I was no longer using the pill (my last period starting on 4/1).  Now its May and I am 3 days late so far. Three weeks ago I was sexually active for the first time since being off the pill.  We used withdrawal and it was very quick and he was clean (to be blunt in, out, done..literally). But right now I am a little worried because these last few weeks I thought have been having what was my usual PMS/ovulation symptoms. Mostly just a little cramping, some bloating and heartburn, and this past week the feeling I might start my period that day, but so far nothing.  I looked up early pregnancy symptoms and saw that I haven't felt anything of that sort (like the dizziness, spotting, and the food cravings and the breast soreness).  I attributed the heartburn and bloating to the Italian food i had had for dinner that evening (its been happening even before then when I eat spicy food).  

I talked to my mom (I am very lucky to have a great caring mom I can tell anything about) and she really doesn't think I am pregnant. She believes that I had been a little stressed this past month because we had a pet emergency, plus my job (I am a petshop associate and I am on my feet a lot) and now being off the YAZ.  She said the lateness is most likely the YAZ having finally been cleared of my system.  Is that true, does it take 2-3 months for a birth control pill to leave the system? Am I just being overly worried and that combined with everything else causing the lateness?
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him pulling out is not a way to not get you pregnant. you said :it was very quick and he was clean"...that doesnt mean anything.

you have not been on birth control...and this sexual encounter was three weeks ago....you suspect pregnancy but haven taken a pregnancy test.......is would say its time to..

you should have gotten your period
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Just took one to ease my mind (E.P.T +/- test with the 2nd window to make sure I did it right) and it came out negative.  I am relieved.  Thanks for the comment btw.  
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