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Plan B Pill Effects

Hi so I had unprotected sex Christmas night, and the next day I took the plan B pill (it was about 9 hours after I had sex) and I'm not sure if I'm still feeling the effects of the pill or not. It's been about 3 weeks since I've taken it. I should have gotten my period the first week of January, and while I haven't missed my period, I'm not sure I've had it. The week I usually get my period I had food cravings, severe cramps lower on my vagina vs in my lower stomach, extreme exhaustion (I literally slept all day and night for three days), I was eating everything in sight, I had white discharge, and, while I was bleeding, I don't know if it is would be considered spotting or not. Usually I have to change out a super tampon every hour, but I was changing out a regular one every 6 hours(they were never full I just was changing it out). I bled for about four days (my period usually lasts closer to a week) and afterwards I still have the weird cramps that don't feel like normal period cramps and my thigh muscles close to the vagina feel really shaky. Oh and my vagina is like super sore. So should I go to the doctors or is this just normal side affects? (note: I have taken a pregnancy test which was negative, but I took it the day after I should have gotten my period so maybe I took it too soon)
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