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Possibly Pregnant After Mirena but passing tissue

    I am 6 months post Mirena removal as of today. I have had periods that seemed regular: 5 days, 5 days, 4 days, 2 days, 3 days, 3 days, 3 days (until they began to get shorter and shorter). I suspected pregnancy on the 4th month of a 2 day period and tested twice with both being negative results. I have had fatigue, morning sickness, back pain and severe pain and intense cramps both during my periods and between. I have also had bloating and firmness in my stomach and abdomen. I suspected implantation bleeding but never retested. I have not been using any form of birth control other than the rhythm method using an app to track my ovulation.
     This month, my period came 3 days earlier than expected. Today, on the 3rd day.. I noticed my flow became heavier as usual, but strangely felt something pass through my vagina and into the toilet. What I saw in the toilet bowl can only be described as some sort of tissue. I have no history of clotting or very heavy periods. This thing was longer than my middle finger and larger than my thumb. It appeared to almost be sac-like and it was covered in bright red blood. I'm not sure if this is a threatened miscarriage, clotted menstrual cycle, or a pregnancy.
      During my first pregnancy I didn't stop having bleeding until the 2nd trimester. (And didn't find out I was pregnant until that time either.) I'm concerned I may have a larger underlying issue and it is very difficult to see my family doctor.
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I would still call your family doctor and try to get in.  Why didn't you ever retest for pregnancy?  It almost sounds like a threatened or already happened miscarraige.  When I miscarried my first pregnancy, I passed a few clots.  I don't know if Mirena causes these types of problems after removal though, so maybe that's part of it.  If you can't get into your family doctor, you could ask them for a referral to an OB/GYN.  They would be better to help you with pregnancy, miscarriage, or whatever is going on with your body's reproductive organs.  
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