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Pregnant or the pill?

Ok, I've been on the pill for roughly a year. Roughly a week ago I started having some weird symptoms. Recently I have started feeling very nauseated, vomiting, nipple soreness, breast pain/swelling.
I am very careful about taking my pills the same time everyday. If I forget to take a pill on time (due to work) I take it right away as soon to my normal time as possible.
My boyfriend and I (dating for 2 years) are normally very good about using condoms regardless of my being on birth ccontrol. But this month we had a couple slip ups with the condoms.
Is it possible my symptoms are related to my birth control? Or could I be pregnant? If so what are the possible problems being pregnant and still being on birth control? I need to wait till atleast next week when my period is due though to think about testing.
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It can easily be due to your birth control that you are experiencing symptoms. Though if you think you may be pregnant, you can take a home pregnancy test 2 weeks after having sex and get an accurate result. Symptoms are really unreliable, as I get "pregnancy symptoms" almost every month. The symptoms for "pregnancy" are also the same for stress, hormonal fluctuations, medication side effects, illness, and so on.
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The thing is, I'm not stressed, at all. So I doubt that's messing with my body. I've been on the pill since august last year (2010) and I've never had something like this. But I just need to wait till next week. I'll keep you updated sweetpea!
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