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Problems with Mirena IUD?

I got the mirena iud a little over 2 years ago now. Probably about 6 months after getting it I had severe pain in my lower abdomen and heavy bleeding so I went to get it checked out. My doctor could not find my strings when she checked it so sent me for an ultrasound. They said it was still in place and sent me on my way. I asked about the strings and I was told that we will worry about that when it comes time to get it removed. Since then I have not had any more bleeding just very light spotting here and there.. but I have had pain. During sex, if my husband goes too deep I get a SEVERE sharp pain in my lower abdomen (zipper area) and I will be sore in the area for some time afterwards. It has completely ruined our sex life. I now am having constant achy pain in that area for about 2 days now.. I am very worried that my IUD has moved or something isn’t right. Has anybody else had something similar happen with the mirena? Any advice?

I don’t want to go to the doctors and them tell me nothing is wrong yet again. I am about to just get it out and be done with it all together.
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To be honest with you, I'd go ahead and have it removed.  This doesn't sound like it's working out.  I mean, the point of having birth control that we don't worry about is enjoying sex with our partner and you can't.  Is it because of the mirena?  Good chance it is and you'll KNOW once it is removed.  So, ya, that's what I'd do at this point.  
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This sounds like ovarian cysts
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