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I got on the depo shot right after the birth of my baby. I never even got my first period until he was almost 5 months. i didn't even have postpartum bleeding after birth..just a little spotting...at 5 months and 6 month (which I was under the depo-provera shot) i started bleeding really heavy and i got scared that was ovulating while on the shot. I was never late on my shot and it was my first period since my labor of my child. In the end of my 6th month I didn't get the shot agen..I didn't feel it was working right cuz I know u can have spotting but I bleed heavy for 2 weeks straight 2 months in a row (month 5 and 6) and thats that the longer ur on it, ur period goes away little by little. Thats what the doctors and the websites both said. I got off the shot and agen my period went away. and now I haven't gotten it for 2 months. I understand wen i was on the shot..but im not on birth control no more. and I know it takes time for ur period to get back to normal, but I was bleeding for almost 2 weeks straight. I think im aniemic to top it off but if thats the face, it would cause irregular periods. My pd was coming on time and then disapeared. The spotting I was also getting in the beginning always came at the same time each month. I am usually a very regular person with my menstrual cycle even while on depo i believe. What do you guys think it could be. I don' feel pregnant. Yea Im tired which could be from the aniema, and im crampy..i bleed after incourse which only happens to a pregnant person though. i never bled from intercourse honestly. not even while I was pregnant b4. I thought it was my pd but nothing. It was just spotting but its not from my period cuz its not the right time and I know it was becuase wat happen. Any advice. The only other pregnancy symptom i have is tender breast but that could be from the depo hormones still in my system (if it is) I was due for depo almost 3 months ago actually. NO appietite at all..not hungry. IDK wat do u think.
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