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Starting Placebo week early on Yasmin...help!


im in a bit of a pickle, as i am currently in a remote place and have no access to any doctors or medical assistance and am trying this as a last resort. Basically i need help with my birth controll....i am on yasmin and am up to my 20th day in my pill packet (20th being today, wednesday). tomorrow will be the 21st day therefore i will be having my 7 hormone free days from friday. i really need to be not on my period next thursday as there is something planned that i want to be spotting free for and i won't be starting my new pack of pills till next friday) so my question is this....can i stop taking my pills a couple of days early today on the 20th say instead of friday? and have my 7 pill free days from today? i would start my new pack from next wedsneday and that way i am more likely to be spotting free for thursday (even though i understand theres still a small chance my period will still be going even when i start my new pack up again). i have thought about just starting a brand new pack straight after this one and skipping my period altogether but i have already been spotting quite a bit the last couple of days and think it will be good for my body to have the 7 pill free days as its meant to, besides this is my first month on yasmin and want to do it by the book and have my normal period (just a couple days early!)

i was just wondering i this is all feasable...to take 19 pills instead of the 21 and then have 7 pill free days then start a new pack...will i be protected from next wedneday when i start taking the new pack again? or will the fact iv only taken 19 pills instead of 21 mean im less protected from pregnancy (counting as missing 2 days etc) im a little confused. also i dont know if this is relevant but i last had unprotected intercourse on sunday...do i need to take my full 21 pills in order to be protected from pregnancy for that? its 3 days ago...

i would be so so grateful for any help or advice you can give me at this short notice. i hope you can help me asap as i need to know whether to take my 20th pill this morning or not or to skip it and start my hormon free 7 days

thankyou for taking the time to read this i  really appreciate it

kind regards

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Hi there!
You could do it either way. Either skip the last two pills to have an early period or start the next pack rightaway without a pill free period. It must however be kept in mind that with the former, the periods may be a bit belayed and with the later there may be some amount of bleeding seen.
Hope this information is helpful.

Take care!
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