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Took Morning After Pill before an Hour?

Okay so we had unprotected sex but he accidentally ejaculated a small amount. Panicked, he rushed me to CVS and bought a generic form of Plan B called AfterMath (or after-something, I forgot the name.) and I took it within 30 minutes to 50 after sex. I used to take birth control about 5-6 months ago, however, my period is still regulated. It's on a 28-29 day cycle, and I'm due for my period in about a week, maybe less. I haven't felt sick from the pill. As a matter of fact I actually feel fine. I'm being very calm about the situation because every time I panic I delay my period. I took this pill last night, and it's currently morning where I live. Is there anything else I can do for the next week or so to lower my chances? Is there another pill I can take? Certain foods to eat? Anything to watch out for? (These are all sample questions). Thank you!

Side note: My boyfriend agreed to no more sex (or foreplay) until after my period comes, AND after he gets the money to buy condoms.
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