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Tubal Ligation Clip came off after 10 years.

Tubal Ligation Clip came off after 10 years.
Yes, two years ago, one of my clips came off and lodged in my hip. has any one heared of this happening before?
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Hello Liz

                 Yes I have the same thing after only 6 years one of mine came off only that I had a X-ray for a kidney problem did I find out it is up near my gallbladder. I was so worried as I do not wish to have any more children as If I did I would not have had it done in the 1st place I was beside myself.
My Gyno said it is a common thing and not to worry about it he did reassure me that I would not fall pregnant as once the tubes have been clipped it seals them shut.

I had 2 clips  put on both sides and last night I was in the hospital getting a ct scan and was told they could only see one of 4 clips they don't even know where the other 3 went . grrrr at 46 I do not need anymore children September 14 2016
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I was reading your question about your clip falling off after ten years. it has been ten years since I got the clips and I have been feeling pinching feeling between my hip and my last rib. Did you feel anything like that?
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Well ladies I have to tell you both to go get a x ray and talk to your OBGYN.... NOW
I had clips put on 6 years ago and 2 years later had those same pinching feelings and just general pain. i went to the dr and both of mine came off. one was removed due to infection and they told me the other would be fine even though it was in my abdomen, they said it would form scar tissue and never bother me....WRONG. 3 years later in tons of pain i went back to the dr. the clip ws between my spleen and stomach. I had surgey again but this time due to complications getting it out and where it was i went into shock and ended up in a coma on dec 15 2008 for 12 days, was in the hospital for 40 days. they had to gut me like a fish from my breasts to my belly button to fix it...these clips are horrible and ruined my life and nearly took my life from my kids... get them out of you. for more info email me ***@****         Tonya
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I am having this problem today as we speak. I had xrays because of colon problems (severe constipation) several months ago. They did two xrays and both showed the clip. They blew if off and I didn't pursue it. I started having severe burning below the sturnum in the middle and to my right mid side. I went to prompt care who took xrays and saw the clip again. I asked why everyone was evading talking about them because they were going to send me on my way and didn't even mention the xrays (the xray tech told me about the clip). When the doctor at prompt care looked at the xrays, I asked her what I should do; she sent me to ER. They did a cat scan and saw the same thing. They said the clip had "migrated" to the abdominal area. I called my ob-gyn's office this morning and finally got a call back at about 1:30-2 this afternoon from his nurse. He told her to tell me that "this happens all the time; we just leave them in there". I asked if this was going to cause problems and they said no. I told the nurse that I wanted to talk to the doctor  because I wasn't comfortable with that answer. So far he hasn't called back. Do you have any advice of what to do if they ignore me? Thanks.
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I had clips put on a year and a half ago and my body has went crazy. I have heavy long periods, pain in my abdomen and always feel bloated. I had a ultra sound and the dr said my uterine wall was inflamed but says its nothing serious. Im sick of feeling this way please help....  
                                  mom of three boys in baltimore
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I have also had a clip pop off but I'm not sure when it happen, I had an x-ray done and my doctor said good thing for double clippers I have four clips in total. but i have had serious problems since i had them, I'm going on Monday to set an appointment to have them removed.
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