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Vasectomy Question

My husband and I just had our second child.  We only originally planned on having one, but our second daughter came as a surprise even though we were using birth control (condoms).  We're happy with our new little one, however we want to put a stopper on having any more in the future.  What we're looking for is a permanent fix since we're more than satisfied with the size of our family and have known for a while that there would be no regrets if we stopped now.  Obviously the two 'permanent' choices were tube tieing and vasectomy.

After I had to have a last minute c-section for my child, my husband decided not to put me through any more pain and figured that it was best that he look into the vasectomy for himself.  I didn't know I was going to have a c-section or I would have signed a consent form ahead of time saying to tie my tubes while they were in there, however you have to sign it 30 days before you give birth and I really didn't want to schedule a c-section unless it was necessary.  My first daughter was a vaginal birth and I was going to do that again.

What I'm curious about is the side effects.  You hear horror stories about how once men are "snipped" sex isn't as good anymore, or they lose interest in it.  I'd probably go back and have my tubes tied before I ruin it for my husband, so I'd like to see if there are any men (or women married to men) with vasectomies that could shed some light on the whole ordeal and the after effects (if any).  I love my husband very much and we have a very healthy sex life, I don't want to jepordize that.

Thank you.
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Vasectomy is a good option and although it is described as permanent it can be reversed by operation. The surgery takes about 30  minutes and only requires a local anesthetic (also cheaper than using general). There are two types one using a small incision and the other is a no-scalpel procedure which doesn't require any sutures.

The end result is that sperm is produced but cannot get into the seminal fluid. Therefore the man can still ejaculate but there is no chance of pregnancy. There has been no proof of impotence being caused by vasectomy but many suggest that if you are already having problems then it may be better to avoid it. If you have no problems then it's fine.
The common side-effects as with most surgeries are pain and infection.

I have two close friends that had vasectomies over the last five years and they have had absolutely no problems, no side-effects or issues.

Good luck
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