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What is the chance I am going to get pregnant?

I am 20 and my boyfriend is as well. I have been taking oral contraceptives for about two years, I think I have rarely if ever missed a dose entirely, although there have been days where I have taken it later than the time I started taking it. I just recently finished the first week of my next pack, my last “period” was on January 26th. According to the ovulation calendars I have looked at, I was either fertile during this time but not actively ovulating or not fertile but would have been today (the day after). My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex twice yesterday. More specifically, at one point we were having sex but decided to put a condom on about halfway through, and the second time he pulled out just before ejaculation. We usually use condoms; we had spent time apart and unfortunately were not being as responsible as we should have been with our use of protection. My other main concern is that I bled slightly after sex, which has never happened. I believed it was because it had been awhile since we had engaged in intercourse, but my boyfriend commented to me later that he could feel my cervix and I later found out that bleeding can be caused by friction to the cervix. Him being that deep inside of me without a condom for a period of time has got both of us extremely nervous. I’m not sure how long sperm can live inside of the vagina or if all we have to worry about is precum (which is usually dead and doesn’t carry a high risk of pregnancy) but I am now nervous as well that some could be trapped inside of me and with today apparently being the day I ovulate I am unsure of the possibility of fertilization. I wanted to talk to my OBGYN about taking Plan B and how it will interact with my birth control but the next day they are available is tomorrow. What should I do? (Sorry if this is long, I tried to be as specific as possible.)
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