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Why am i Continuously bleeding after depo shot?

In February I got the Depo shot. My doctor warned me that I would possibly bleed while on the shot. I did off and on but mostly on so I did not go back the first week of May to get the second shot. Obviously, I let the Depo shot wear off. Now it's nearly two months later and I am still bleeding for weeks with a two day break only twice these past two months. The flow is only heavy enough for regular tampons. Why am I still bleeding? Does anybody know?
I did have sex a week and a half after the depo shot but he said i was protected a few days after the shot was done. Could this be a miscarraige or my body thinking it is having a miscarraige? I am SO SICK AND TIRED of this nonstop period. I made an appointment with my doctor but its not for another two weeks. I searched the internet but couldn't find this issue anywhere. I could only find comolaints of bleeding while on the shot and no period after the shot. Someone please help.
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I’m having the exact same problem, I was on the shot for a year and didn’t have a period until a year later and my periods are off and on.
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That sucks. I've heard this was a possible side effect of the shot, which is why I've never gotten it. There's not much you can do since it's not like the pill where you can stop taking it. Unfortunately you'll just have to ride it out until it stops. I'm sorry you're having to deal with it though. You definitely have my sympathies.
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You could double up on contraception it will be a hassle but if you take the contraceptive pill aswell as the shot it can help regulate bleeding
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