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Will She get pregnant??/

Me and my girl friend happened to have an intercourse for the first time on 13th of january. She got her period on 7th january but it was supposed to be starting on 13th January( It happened in advance ). As it was our first time we didnt use a condom and We had the intercourse for only 5 minutes. I am not sure of whether I ejaculated sperm and i guess i would have leaked some. I gave her UNWANTED-72 pill after 48 hours of the intercourse on 15th january. She did not get period now and today it is 12th February. How long can the period be delayed and is she pregnant. She did not get any symptom for pregnancy till now but i am very scared.

Please let me how long the period can be delayed
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The morning after pill usually delays a period  and they usually work really good so I doubt she is pregnant , I would actually bet my bank account she's not pregnant. .  The bleeding may have not been  an early period it was probably her cherry being popped you said it was your 1st time .. my money is on not pregnant but she could go get s dollar store test now abd and yes dollar store ones work I know from experience. .good luck and god bless
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And by the way she should get on birth control as soon as her period starts .. morning after pill is always there but it is not birth control it is a back up plan... yaz is my choice of birth control despite the commercials talking bad about it I never had a problem with it..
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Thanks. I would ask her to go with Birth Control method hereafter. We two were very scared as it was our first time. Is the delay in period because of stress or is it a normal side effect of UNWANTED -72?
What should be done to fix things soon?
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