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Yaz/Yasmin Birth Control

I would like to hear your opinions about Yaz/Yasmin Birth Control. Have you had any side effects? Has this pill been helpful to you? I have dedicated a support group website for women and girls who have previously or currently taking Yaz/Yasmin Birth Control. Please take a moment to view webiste, YazForum and post your experience while taking this medication. We need to hear your stories to make others aware of this birth control.

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I am 35 & have been on a few differrent pills for about 12 years and was most satisfied with Alesse and then Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo.  I switched to Yaz because the doc thought it would help with the extreme fatigue I experienced the week before my period.  There was no other need for me to switch other than to combat that problem.  It is now 5 months later and I am stopping it right in the middle of the pack & throwing away my next two packs that I already bought because I attribute my current issues to Yaz.  I normally have a very high sex drive for as long as I can remember and now have no desire whatsoever.  Also, despite eating and exercising the same as pre-Yaz, I have gained 8 pounds (during the first month) and cannot lose it even with decreasing my calories and exercising more. I also normally only gain weight in my butt but now have back fat and love handles.  I normally do not gain weight in my stomach and it is so bloated, I look pregnant even with sucking it in.  I truly feel the most disgusting ever!   I hope that the 8 pounds comes off easily after stopping the Yaz.  I decided to take a pill break and hope things revert to normal.  The only postitive aspect of Yaz for me was that my skin looks great.  It did not help with my fatigue.
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I was on Yasmin for about a year before stopping to have my son. It worked well at that time. Then I went back on it Jan 2007. Had to go back off of it b/c of blood clots in lungs. All the doctors say it ws due to the birth control pills.
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I am 22 yrs old with 2 kids..I've been on Yaz for about 6 months. After this past pack I stopped taking it. I went from 103-108lbs..I've never weighed this much, I've never had love handles or a fat stomach or a butt which I have now!, even after having 2 kids... The commercial about Yaz lies. I am always fatigue, I've had breakouts, I'm moody, I've gained weight...I also have frequent headaches....I have completely lost my appetite, I have to force myself to eat, I occasionally feel nauseated...for some odd reason my body has been constanly aching, legs hurt like every night...and arms sometimes too, All of this started about 3 months into the Yaz...This past month I started spotting 5 days before the white period pills...then i started bleeding for like 5 more days..then spotted for like 2.....I had normal short light 4 days periods the previous months before that, I never miss a pill...thats crazy so I stopped taking them...Hopefully all these symptoms will go away now ...
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How can you gain weight if you have lost your appetite?  I know that everytime I have lost my appetite I have lost a tremendous amount of weight.  In the book that comes with Yaz it says that spotting may occur.  Some of these pills work for some and some don't work for others.  I have used Yaz and like it the best and my friend used it and it made her sick.  It's too bad they didn't have a way to plug in your information and out pops an answer of what pill you should use.
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I have been taking Yaz for 6 months and have not had a period AT ALL for 3 months, no spotting nothing! I like the pill in general but I hate not knowing if im preggo month to month...My face broke out bad the first month also...
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I have only been taking it for about three weeks, and I haven't had any spottng and I am bloated, well I think that is what it is because I have never been bloated before, I break out and I get very blunt with comments. Also I haven't been able to eat correctly, but yeah I read about the birth control, it does make you not hungry and loss weight, but I look fat, but I haven't gained any weight, and I just saw my doctor too! I have gone in to ask her if I am able to have kids, but found out that I have PCOS, and I had told her that I was feeling sick, and nauseas and vomited a few times, she said to try and eat while taking it, but it has helped a little. But I am only able to eat one meal a day! So, help me?
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I am 23 years old and have been suffering from a bad menstrual cycle/dysmenorhhea  since the age of 17. I have tried 2 other birth control pills so far and neither of those worked. After taking Yaz for four months it seems as though everything has gotten worse. My MOOD SWINGS and BLEEDING are the absolute worst of all of my symptoms. I get even more upset when I notice my mood swings. And to have continuous bleeding just adds on to the depression. What's worse is the company promises to do so much, but it does the complete opposite. Your symptoms are worse than what you started. Yaz, like many other birth control pills will cause side effects, but since they are so popular and have put their name so far out to the public, the company is seen as doing the opposite and worse than other companies.
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I´ve been taking yaz for almost a year. I really have no complaints about it. It keeps my moods more even, i did gain a little weight which is to be expected with any oral birth control pills. My skin looks great, never had bad acne before but noticable better skin. Lighter, shorter periods, which is awesome, that only last about 2 days, with not bad cramps. I think i did feel kinda sick like nausea for like the first 3 months or so. Which they say to expect because your body is getting used to the hormone changes. It seems everyone has something bad to say about it. I know that my experience with it was good. I know it does affect people differently. It´s acutally really reliable also,(at least for me) especially if your known to accidentally skipping a few pills each month...oops!
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I was on Seasonale for almost 4 years. I loved it, but I gained A LOT of weight (I am 5'0" and have always weighed about 115...I got up to almost 150.) and was actually diagnosed with type II diabetes. I also take Modafinil (Provigil) which is known to lower the effectiveness of birth control...but I have never had any problems with that whatsoever, thank goodness! I stopped taking the Seasonale in September of 2007 when my fiance deployed to Iraq. I now weigh 131 pounds (which I've maintained since my yearly exam in January! YAY!), and have no symptoms of diabetes whatsoever. (I later found out that Seasonale is known to cause insulin resistance.) In January, though, I went for my yearly and I decided to get back on birth control because of my periods, which is why I started taking it in the first place when I was a teenager. She put me on Yaz. I was actually kind of excited, since it's all the rage, you know. I have a few blemishes on my back and my chest and I was hoping the Yaz would help clear it up.

NO WAY. I'm absolutely miserable. I have always taken my medication like I should. But ever since I have been on Yaz, my body just hasn't been right at all. I haven't gained weight or anything, which was a relief considering what I'd been through with the Seasonale! I guess I traded the weight gain in for erratic periods and severe moodiness. I know that I'm down in the dumps because my fiance is in Iraq, but it's almost as if the Yaz amplified my sadness and loneliness. I stayed up in my bedroom all the time and stop answering my friends texts and phonecalls. I NEVER did that before, ever.

In addition to being emotionally erratic, my period are erratic as well. With Seasonale I only had 4 periods a year, but I have still always been able to predict my period down to the calendar day. Not with Yaz. This may sound gross, but I have no idea what my underwear is going to look like when I pull them down. It isn't just blood. It's...like...clots, I guess. I figure it's just the lining of my uterus flaking off, which leads me to believe that it's not just spotting. For example, I had a period from August 28th to September 3....heavily. Then for 3 days, September 17, 18 and 19, I bled as well. THEN, I had a period the whole week of September 22. All of these days I was cramping miserably, and crying all the time...for no reason. I made an appointment with my doctor and went this past Monday, the 29th. I told her everything, and she looked really surprised. I told her that I was getting married in December, and I didn't want to feel like this on my wedding day. I have so much going on right now, and I just can't take it. She put me on Ortho Tri-Cyclen. "Oldie goldie," she said. She told me to finish out my Yaz (I have only used 1 pink row -- 2 pink rows left, 3 pink on the last row, and the whites), and wait for my period, and then do the Sunday start on the Ortho.

I woke up with my period this morning.

I mean...maybe I've been taking the Yaz wrong, I don't know. I haven't been sure when I should and shouldn't take it because of my periods! So I just...take it anyhow, you know? I don't ever use the white pills. They bug me. Haha. I honestly just have no idea what's going on anymore and Yaz has totally messed up my body. I can't sleep, I have a headache all day everyday, and I just overall feel like poo.

So as of today, I'm done with Yaz. I'm sick of this. I'm throwing it away and I'm praying for Sunday to hurry up and get here so I can start on the Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

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I have been on Yaz for about 6 months since I had my daughter.  I haven't gained any weight but my mood swings are horrible.  I go from one extreme to the next.  I can be laughing one minute and completely furious the next.  My husband and I have been fighting more often.  I feel at times that i have no control and don't even know what I'm doing or why I'm doing it.  Could it be the Yaz?

Moody in NJ
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I tried Yaz for three months and just quit with a whole new unopened pack I'm not going to use.  My trouble was intestinal distress. I couldn't eat anything without being sick--burning feeling in my gut, cramping, diarrhea, indigestion, gas, bloating.  That was everyday all day long.  I tried taking it first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  Nothing stopped the diarrhea until I stopped taking it.

I'm 41 and thought it might help with PMDD and possibly raise a very low estrogen level.  But it's not worth it to me to be in the bathroom all the time or desperately seeking one.

I'll either forgo the pills altogether or go back to Alese.  If I have to take Tamoxifen for DCIS, which could bring on early menopause, it won't matter.
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i've been on yaz for about 2 months (second pack) now and haven't noticed any drastic, or horrible side affects. my skin has exceptionally cleared up, especially around my period when my acne gets very bad. i have noticed that i'm very fatigued, and didn't know it was because of the yaz until i started reading about it. i've actually lost weight and am much more personable with people. my pmdd is practically gone. i'm 17, 5'2 and 133 lbs.

i started birth control with the nuva ring, but decided to switch to oral contraception after being uncomfortable with it, and reading about the nuva ring increasing the chance of blood clots more than any other birth control pill. after that i started yasmin and it did not help me whatsoever. if anything, it only made me worse. i gained weight, i was irritable all the time, depressed, and just wanted to eat and eat!

i prefer Yaz over anything else.
but i may start the depo-provera shot birth control.
it's something i'm looking into.
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