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Okay so, in about December or November of 2014. Me and my girlfriend were fooling around and we almost had intercourse. It never happened but it came very close. She started to get afraid because I had precum on my penis at the time so she wanted to get the after pill just to be sure. She took the after pill even after I told her that it wasn't necessary and I feel like it did some major damage to her whole body. That weekend it had happened she was feeling sick and very depressed. She lost a lot of weight and didn't eat much either to make it worse. she was like that until she got her period and started to be much happier then she was while she hadn't gotten it. A couple of months passed and she was fine during those months. Until again she started feeling depressed because she didn't get her period. She says that it's a mental thing and that she is afraid that she is pregnant even though she knows that she is not. She is basically convincing herself that she is pregnant even after she knows she is for sure not. And recently she doesn't get her period until really off schedule. She usually doesn't get her period until the 3rd week of the month. Or sometimes she doesn't get it at all. I am really worried for her and I regret letting her take the pill. This happens every month until she gets her period. I always assure her that she will get it but she keeps saying that she won't and how scared and depressed she is. Can someone please help!!!! I'm so afraid for her. And it is all my fault. She's been like this for so long now and it kills me to know how she feels. I've never searched for any help until now because she hasn't let me but I really need some help urgently!!! Please somebody help. I'm afraid Something is wrong with her. Any reply will help. Thank you
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