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depo provera side effect

i was on the depo provera twice last year, after the second shot i got chest pains and heart pulputations,i went to docs who rushed me to hospital, all my tests came back fine other than a stressed heart, they sent me home with no answers, now 10 months after my last shot iv only just got my period back but its coming every 8 days and iv still got the chest pains and heart pulputations and im getting sick of it, just wondering how long does it realy take to get fully out of system???
and has anyone else experienced what i have
i was a healthy 27 year old before i took the needle and i just want to be and feel my old self again
also could what i be experiencing be panick attacks???
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I was on depo aswell and I felt a bit crappy like tht too not so much heart palpatations just low mood, aches n pains I had a last shot in the june 2007 and my period never came back until about the end of february/ march so it did take a while but if ur stressin too much about it, thats a another reason why it is not coming... stress, I was made homeless that year and i think thats why it took longer for me too. i think in some cases it can take up to about year i think i know alot of people who didnt have them for tht long dont worry it will come soon enough x
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They say however long you've been on it that's how long it takes for it to clear out your system
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I'm on the Depo shot I've had it for six months and just got my second one Friday I haven't started my period since I got my first shot. I have been hospitalized four times by heart pulpatations and they told me the hot has nothing to do with my heart pulpitations ...
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sounds like me as well.... this shot ***** and i wont be getting it anymore
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It is very scary!!
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