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did anyone else have major bone problems after Depo

I want to start by saying that while on depo i had NO side effects, NO irregular bleeding and my period returned within 2 months of not getting my next shot. I was on depo for almost 4 years because i suffer from migraines, and that was the most effective method of control and as a b.c. method as well. (estrogen made my migraines worse) I started having concerns as news came out about depo's long term effects so i was referred to a gyno that sent me to have my bones density tested. I'm 23 now and have been off depo for almost 2 full years... my bone density in my hip is the same as a 40 year old, and in my spine even more effected. I could look up the exact numbers. I have been advised against sports and any heavy lifting or strenuous activity in case i "hurt myself" and if i were to fall, i'm very likely to fracture. My doctor warned me about my possible complications having children later having a weak system now.  I am already showing signs that i will end up with osteoporosis in my hips and who knows where else. I have been put on on actonel to try to basically fool my bones into trying to regrow some of the bone density I lost from Depo. After coming off depo I tried the mirena (a newer plastic IUD), which expelled itself, painfully i might add, causing infection. Then i was put on the mini-pill which ended up giving me 3 week periods (light but daily annoyance and dis comfort) and i began to be really easily annoyed and felt sick a lot. I have since givin up on the safety of birth control in that form and have been relying soley on condoms. I don't know if anyone had these effects, but i feel that my doctor was really concerned about the issue, but has since said that i need to wait another year to 2 years before i can have another scan to see if the actonel. This leaves me a little scared as i know my prime bone building years are comming to a close and that seems like a long time to 'wait and see'.  
Has anyone had sucess with this medication or any other??
Anyone suffer any depression side effects after comming off of depo?
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