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i have anxiety. what pill would be best for me?

hello everyone.
i have severe GAD/panic attacks. i currently take klonopin every day and i also take high blood pressure medicine. i have decided to go on the pill due to irregular periods and SEVERE cramps and lower back pain. what pill would be best for me? i know some of the pills can make anxiety worse and even cause depression. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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no pill is good if you for you if you have all of these symptoms already.  you may want to consider the copper IUD.  it's the best birth control in my opinion b/c it contains no extra stuff like hormones.  talk to your doc about your options
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what is IUD exactly? i've never even heard of it before? does it help with irregularity and cramps? is it a med or a patch or something else?
are there any side effects from it?
thanks for the help!
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it's a small intrauterine device.  it blocks pregnancy from happening.  you may want to google it to learn more about the procedure and what it does.  been around for decades.  recommended mostly for married/monogamous women.  you can get in in a regular doctor's visit.  it's good for up to 5 or 10 yrs depending on which one you get and just as easily removed in a doctor's visit whenever you get ready.  the cooper one is the best b/c it contains no hormones.  the hormones contained in medicated birth control only complicate matters for women w/ low tolerance for them.  the pill made me feel nauseas and pregnant for the whole 6 mths i was on it.  look up some info on.  the iud is said to cause you to have lighter menstrual cycles ( i have) but you will have to read some of the info for yourself and ask a doc
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