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implanon in and it hurts to move my arm

ok i just got my implanon in on the 4th of november and my arm hurts really bad...like i cant move my arm to much or it sends sharp pains thru my arm...also me and my boyfriend had sex this morning he just got back from being gone for a week....( i had my period when he was gone) and we were just finishing up and we noticed alot of blood on him....well we went and took a shower and everything and i wasnt bleeding neither was he...i ripped alittle but waht could have cause all the bleeding.?????????????? we are trying to figure that out......and he wants me to go get my arm looked at cuz of how it hurts...please help me and dont judge me cuz of this post or any of my other posts
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I wouldnt worry about it. Implanon can cause irregular bleeding like that and it might take a little while for it to settle down. Youve ot to remember that theres a lot of hormones being used and its bound to upset things a little.

As for your arm hurting, mine hurt for about two weeks and after that it was fine...if it isnt getting any better within in the next week then you can contact your gp if you are concerned.

Hope everything gets sorted.
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I have this too! i just had mine replaced today... when i first had it done 3 years ago it was absolutely fine, but this time it hurts, it feels heavy and when i move it or type with my index finger it sends a horrible shooting pain up my arm! surely this isnt right?!
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did yours go away in the end or did you have to go back and have it looked at?
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Ive had mine in 5 years cause they hung up on me to get appointment made to get it took out I'm worried it hurts to lay on my arm and I hate needles I have low iron and faint easy
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