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mirena to nuva ring

about seven months ago i had my daughter, 6 weeks later i went in and had decided on the mirena iud for birth control due to the fact i was told it did not affect nursing or weight gain and the hormone dose was to be low.they put the mirena in october 10th 2010. i bled for months finally the end of december i stopped bleeding i was so releaved but by the third week of january i was bleeding again and continued until march. Finally after arguing with my doctors i got an appointment, by this time i was horrible moody and had gained back the fifteen pounds i had lost right away, tired of bleeding and stressed out from the strain it caused on my relationship they agreed to take it out. the doctor got down there only to find that it was not in place and said " i should be thankful im not pregnant" and someone had forgot to cut the string so how embarrassing to have people fishing down there to find it. the same day they pulled it out they gave me nuva ring to try they insisted i put it in at once this was march 8th. i put the ring in and thought everything would get better, well these last weeks ive been so emotional crying and yelling finally i just took the nuva ring out, i am hoping to regulate soon but in the mean time i have bleeding almost the entire seven months since ive had my daughter. is this normal or has anyone else had any of these same issues i could really use some advice.
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My daugter had gone back to the Dr. for her 6 wk. and I wasn't with her and she had an IUD put in. She usually calls and asks for my input because I worked on OB/Gyn floor for a few years. Anyway I said I wished you would have told me, I said I really don't like anything "foreign" put in your body. So it was a few months later that she had called crying hysterically saying she was having severe cramps and was dizzy and just felt awful. anyway, I said go to your hospital and I said, tell them you want that damn thing out. So she goes there(she is pretty shy and isn't like me,I pretty much tell them what I think is wrong) and they took her back(this is 11 at night) and the ER Dr. told her the IUD wasn't infected (without even looking) and just shoved it back in. He asked her how many kids she had, and she said 1. He asked how old she was and she was 22 at that time. He said, well you don't need this out and you don't need anymore kids anyway. SO guess who called the ER after she called me back!!!! The Dr. wouldn't talk to me but I reamed the nurse. I told her it was very unprofessional of him to say what he did and I said she needed to have that taken out etc. So to make a long story short, I am part native american and my kids are enrolled under me, so I said come down here and we'll go out here. It's a 3 hour drive but she came as soon as she could, I had called and talked to the Dr.'s nurse ahead of time so they were ready for her. Well the Dr. took the IUD out and she was very upset, it was infected, I seen it and I wasn't standing that close, and so they gave her a shot of antibiotic and put her on antibiotics and she put her on something else. Then they asked if she wanted the Depo shot and I said NO!! I don't like those either. So she waited and went back on the pill. She didn't have much bleeding that I remember, but her periods were "off" and emotions "high". Then last year they gave her that shot to prevent cancer-my brain just went blank I can't remember the name of it. But she had a heck of a time with that. She was dizzy, throwing up. edgy, blurry vision. I wasn't in the room with her then, so they snuck that one by me (ha ha). But all the symtoms of that went away. Now she is almost 6 months pregnant and her little girl is 2. I love babies. they are a blessing. But what us women have to go through before during after in-between and later in life with meopause, just isn't fair. These men need to have to go through some of this. Anyway, how heavy is your flow and is it constant?? Are you still nursing your baby? My advice would be to go to another Dr. and maybe suggest a D&C and maybe stay off everything for awhile until your body gets back to normal. We go through so much and think we should be supermoms and get back to doing everything and feeling better right away. It takes time to feel good again, and you can't force it to when your body is telling you otherwise. Good Luck to you and hope you'll be ok.
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my flow was very heavy like soaking through a tampon every fifteen minutes it was awful now it is still there but not as bad. i feel the same about the foreign objects i think anything foreign to us just isnt good but i had so much good input from people about mirena i didnt think anything of it except i have three kids and im tired not ready for another right now. an option for another doc isnt possible i live in a very small community and my insurance only allows me the one obgyn office which is located in another town about 15 miles away. the pill i wish i could get on but i was on two different types and i have two boys sitting in front of me so me and birth control just arent friends. i am also a risk for high blood pressure and diabetes and have gained about 80 pounds per pregnancy either with pre eclampsia or gestational diabetes i have had three emergency cesareans all my kids were born around 35 weeks. this time has been so difficult recovering from it. my family doctor told me that im actually anemic now from losing so much blood over the last months but i am very concerned with losing weight to stay healthy. if you can think of any birth control methods that might work with my touchy body please let me know and thank you so much for your input.
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I have horrible periods and endrometrosis disease. I got the mirena inserted 6months ago and my periods are the same. So the dr inserted the nuvaring. So currently I have both. My question is ....did anybody have both mirena and nuvaring and how do you do with it. And did it stop your period? Please help with any comments about this
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