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ovary pain


a couple of years ago i had my right ovary removed as it had torted on itself and become necrotic, it was 3 days from the onset of the pain to the actual removal, as they thought it was just appendicitis. but i have noticed that during the ovulation part of my cycle i get really intense pain on my right hand side - but its impossible that it is ovulation pain as i don't have that ovary. i understand that it could be deferred pain from my LHS - but is that normal? its just this month it is a lot more intense than it usually is and i'm a tad but worried it could be something else

thank you so much for you time
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If you were my patient, I would want you to come in, or at least call.  I would be a little more concerned in your case simply because you only have one ovary left.  Pain on the right hand side could be due to adhesions (scar tissue).  There are many causes, and most of them are not terribly worriesome, but I would want to rule some things out--such as torsion of your left ovary, and appendicitis.
Good luck!
Dr B
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