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switched from yaz to yasmin...??

ok i need some help here...i was on yaz for about 10 months when my periods started going hay-wire...like i would get a period in the middle of my cycle and not get my period while taking the"reminder pills"...my dr. gave me yasmin since i guess the level of estrogen is a little stronger...i have been taking it for over a week...i feel pregnant.  my body feels just like it did when i was pregnant and i don't remember feeling this way at all when i started the yaz almost a year ago...my stomach feels EMPTY even 5 minutes after eating a big meal...i feel hungry all the time, my breasts are tender i am overly emotional...i am wondering if this is normal and if it will go away after my body gets used to the switch??  i would rather not take yasmin and deal w/ irregular periods then feel pregnant...there is no way i will stay on this yasmin if i am going to feel like i have to eat something all the time...i struggle w/ weight issues as it is!!
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Hi there. My wife started teh pill abouty 2 months ago.- Yasmine. She has had breast tenderness, very moody, break through bleeding, low sex drive. I undrstand these are all side effects of that pill. You can e-mail me at rocky1977_98***@**** to chat more. Would love to compare notes. Did you have breakthrough bleeding?

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i couldn't stand these side effects so i went ahead and switched back to yaz...i can't stand feeling preganant all the time which is exactly the way the yasmin made me feel...there are too many different brands of the pill to have one of them make you feel like ****.  there are a lot of options...thanks, j
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