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the mirena

they said that you don't put weight on with the mirena but i beg to differ, i gained over 30bls. on it like i was shot with steriods. and i didnt have a poriod for over 2 years. i took it out because i developed real bad migrain headaches also so i had it removed injune 2008. will i get pregnant soon???
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30 lbs over 2 years isnt super fast, I would think its more of a life style change rather than from mirena. I dont have personal experience with this one myself so I dont know how quick it takes to wear off. I know most pills if you take them for a year or so the drug stays in your body for a couple months but thats doesnt mean you CANT still get preggo.
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I hear you can get pregnant right after its removed. I already am having bad side effects and had it put in a week ago. Hope I don't gain weight as I just had a baby 2 months ago and have not lost the 80 pounds I gained yet. I'll be really big then......
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i've had the mirena iud for almost 4 months now. i've gained no weight whatsoever, not pregnant and i'm still having the irregular spotting and bleeding but i knew i was in for that for 6-12 months and no cramps. did your doctors go over the side affects with you when you asked about the mirena? my ob and i had been discussing my b/c options since i was aprox. 24-25 weeks pregnant with my twins. we decided that the mirena was the best option for me seeing as how i freak out at the sight of needles, i'm horrible with remembering to take pills (my dh and to remind me everyday to take my prenatals and iron and when i was on the pill prior to the mirena he had to remind me to take that as well).

i absolutely love my mirena.
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He never went over a single thing with me. Ididn't even know you had to check for the strings. They were there the first 2 days but off to the side of my yah-hoo. Is that normal? Now I cannot find them. Effects are getting worse by the day and they were out of the office again today. I was originally going to get my tubes tied. They even called me after I had him and asked if the did a tubal on me after my c-section. How am I supposed to know- some people! Supposedly they didn't they finally figured out 5 days later..... hmmmm. I might not even need the IUD.
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my strings never stay in one spot. after the dh and i do the nasty they're usually pushed up to the back, sometimes they move to the sides.

your ob didn't tell you one thing??? that's not good. you should report him. that's neglect. if you can't find the strings at all call your ob asap!!! that's not good to not feel them at all. what sort of effects are you having now? i know mine got worse before they started getting better. i bled for 4-5 weeks straight after i got it. but like i said before i got it 6 weeks after giving birth. so it could just be that plus the mirena. i had cramping for about a week and a half, but now nothing. i acutally just started af yesterday. it was heavy for an hour or so and now it's just spotting. but definately call your ob if you can't feel the strings. my ob told me to check for them every 4-7 days and if they're not there then to call him immediately even if it's 3 am and he's sleeping i have to call and make the answering service wake him up.
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He didn't say anything.... then put it in and said come back in a month. I go in tomorrow for ultrasound. Still cannot feel strings and had some major bleeding and large clots. I know TMI but I have to go through it. Anyways Friday the doc was supposed to call in prescription for my infection I got since having it in (yellowish discharge) and she forgot. Well Monday was a holiday and they not in. Yesterday she was very apologetic and called them in and made appt for me for tomorrow. They are out today or I would have went in and yesterday I would not have made it in time. I have had quite a few issues with the office since I gave birth.... They say perforation of the uterus is very high while lactating and I think that is what happened. I was 6-8 weeks postpartum also and was not bleeding. I have had to quit breastfeeding due to infection and did not want baby getting it. I have bad (horrible) backaches, severe cramping, headaches, a rash that comes and goes on my face, arms and neck. Severe bleeding, infection, had every other day of nausea and vomiting with diarea. I have had it in 2 weeks tomorrow. I checked for strings but have not really looked for them. I figure they are there. My mom has had issue on birth control, my cousin got pregnant on Mirena and now I found out another friend aquantance got prego to on it. I guess they are all placement issues. It can be expelled anytime within the first year and few people notice it. That is scary. I have been wearing tampons and hope they don't get caught up with string. I have read to be careful with tampons (of course after the fact). I'll let ya know what happens tomorrow.
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