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ttc will this work? help

me and my fiance have been trying to conceive. I stop taking my birth control in December. I didn't have a menstrual cycle until February 10th. my next 1 was March 6. I have been tracking fertile days with ovulation test but they've all been negative. my fiance can't get his thang hard. so he's been coming in a cup and then pouring it and me the second he comes. he can't keep an erection long enough to ejaculate in Me. but will jacking off in a cup and then pouring it in me work? we've done this about 6 times now. all during my fertile period But the ovulation tests said I never ovulated. I am very confused. I just want to know if this will work and if I can conceive this way? and any other advice you're willing to give me thank you
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If you were my patients, I would advise you that there is a possibility that this would work, but there are other much better alternatives.  If your fiancé would consider seeing a doctor, he might benefit from a medication such as Viagra that would allow him to keep an erection.  Your love life might be more satisfactory too.  
If you have regular menstrual periods, that is a sign that you are ovulating.
If they are irregular, you are probably NOT.  It is too soon to know, and I would suggest tracking a few more cycles.
IF you begin a regular cycle, try testing your OPKs on cycle days 11-16 (count the first day of your period as the first day of your cycle).
If your periods are irregular, you may need some medication too.
Good luck!
Dr B
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