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why am I spotting for no apparent reason

Last month, I missed one active pill(second week toward the end) and I started spotting the very next day and lasted 12 day(it stopped on placebo week). My own fault. No problem. Then I start a new pack, this time, I take pill every day on time except 30 mins late on one day. then i had some light brown spotting yesterday (beginning of the second week) and today I have light/bright red (luckily I have pantyliner) I have no idea whats wrong. Should I expect this spotting to last until placebo week again? Thats another 2 more weeks. And I've been taking the same pill for 1.5 years. Since I'm on pill, there is no ovulating so I am really lost..... please help.
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Spotting is very normal when on birth control, especially if you  miss a dose.  It's hard to say how long it will last, since each woman is different, but it is normal.  Even though it's normal, it's always a good idea to follow up with your doctor just to check and make sure that everything is ok.  
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